Joseph Wayne Miller at Cafe Bohemia

“Miller is a master of pathos conveyed in economical fashion. In that way, Word Count: 1,000 sneaks up on you, breaking your heart even as you sing along to the gently compelling tunes.”

– Preston Jones,

“Miller will push you. He will back you into corners, then offer you a guiding hand back into the light. It might be a train, it might be redemption. To find out which, as a guy named Thompson once wrote, you’ll have to buy the ticket and take the ride. Wherever you end up, though, rest assured: You will have encountered an astonishingly literate and powerfully incisive spirit. And you will be better off from having rolled the dice.”

– Dave Pilot, Outlaw Magazine

“Artists like Joseph Wayne Miller come into our consciousness far too seldom, but the effect on society is close kin to a solar eclipse, or a meteor shower, creating startling imagery and legend in the minds of them that witness it. He writes fearlessly, so you listen fearlessly. The alchemical result is that magic paradigm shift that only happens every few decades.”

– Jeff Hopson, songwriter

“I resent Joseph Wayne Miller for being taller than me… and songs.”

– Andrew Delany, songwriter