Green Paint

I’m not a child
I’m just a story
And you are the ending
Wide eyes and pale skin
Standing like stone in
A big, white chapel
I see that you’re crying
I didn’t wanna hurt you

And I’m not gonna do this no more
‘Cause I’m not as strong as you

A drive through my home state
A drive through my home town
You know that I missed it
White clouds and houses
Green paint like my eyes
The side of a building
That we used to pass by
Every morning

And my form will rest right here for a while
Then I’ll be gone from you

Colors of the street go by, I lost them in a dream
You used to praise my innocence
Well I’m happy that it died
And now I’m just a fallen man, Like all sons end up

I’ve seen my doubt dug in the ground
and I’m laying here so cold
You’ve seen your doubt dug in the ground
And you’re standing there so cold