Joseph Wayne Miller – Texas Singer Songwriter

Hey, reader, this is Joseph Wayne Miller. I hate 3rd person bios, so I figured I’d just say a little bit about myself in my own words instead.

I struggle to define sub-genres in popular music, and “what kind of music do you play?” is my most often asked question, so we can start there, I think.
It’s my belief that there are three primary genres in American music: Classical, Jazz and Popular. They each have their many sub-genres, but the basic musical stuffs can be separated into these three groups. I sure as hell am not a Jazz or Classical composer, so that makes me a member of the “Popular” music tribe.

I define popular music as a certain kind of compositional form, more than anything. I’m not talking about uber commercial “Pop” Music, but simply music that almost always features sung lyrics, and repeated, brief sections within relatively short song forms. Basically, “Songwriting”. I’m a songwriter.
I think this type of music can itself be subdivided into a couple more pretty basic categories: “Folk” and “Pop”.

“Pop” is music that is crafted primarily for commercial gain. This is the top 40 stuff. It’s artless, soulless nonsense. A byproduct of the capitalist dystopia that is the music industry. I am definitely not a “Pop” musician.

“Folk”, however, is music that works within the same song form, but is made with primarily artistic goals in mind. This music is self-expressive, communal and thoughtful. By this definition, I am a Folk singer-songwriter.

Within “Folk”, there are countless other sub-genres ranging from hip-hop to metal, country and electronic, rock and roll and blues, but I’m not really interested in those differences. We’re all just Folk artists. As one of those folk artists, I believe that it is my duty to express what it is like to be a human person living in the world today to the best of my abilities through the combination of lyrics, music and recording production. This a sacred American art-form with a rich and important history. I love it. That’s why I do it. I hope you can love it, too.

Beyond that, I can only give you a brief bio.

I was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. Sometime during my early teens, I got a string of xmas gifts that basically made me who I am today. One was Kris Kristofferson’s debut album from my mom; the other was John Lennon’s “Acoustic” album and a cheap acoustic guitar from my older brother; and the last was the Bright Eyes album “I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning” from my sister. These items are what made my fall in love with the art form originally and what I used to initially teach myself how to write songs. From there, I’ve just been on a quest to learn more, listen more, gain more influences and write as many songs as I possibly can. I hope you enjoy them.

– Joseph Wayne Miller