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Pacey - Joseph Wayne Miller


Pacey was recorded at Cloudland Recording Studio in Fort Worth, TX and produced by Peter Wierenga. It’s the 3rd release by Joseph Wayne Miller after Minerals (2012) and Word Count: 1,000 (2015). You can hear the full album below.

Word Count: 1, 000

You can listen to Joseph Wayne Miller’s full album Word Count: 1, 000 below.

Joseph Wayne Miller

In the conceptual notion of time and cycles, the art of music has taken on many faces and attributes, but one thing is for certain: What goes around comes around. Fortunately, where music and songwriting are concerned, that cycle will always bring a fresh and genuine approach which will set a new generation spinning. Joseph Wayne Miller is one such breath of fresh air in a scene that all too often becomes a stagnant parody of itself.

– Jeffrey A. Hopson
Songwriter & Journalist for Outlaw Magazine